About Manufactory


De Asia Dreams Care Solution has build up a factory under the name of De Asia Manufactory which is located at the Alam Jaya industrial areas, Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor. The factory is a center of the production of De Asia brand premixed coffee, other brands produced in the OEM manner and functions as a warehouse that stores and distributes all DADCS’s products. The factory is well equipped with various facilities and high end machines aim to achieve GMP certification. Experienced and talented human resources are hired in all level and process of production. Besides that, the factory is also equipped with facilities for development and quality improvement for existing products as well as products that have potential value to be marketed. Raw materials and packaging have been strictly filtered to ensure the cleanliness, quality and freshness of each and every one products produced in the factory.

The company has assigned the Quality Control (QC) to ensure all processed products will have consistent quality and to make sure all the products are distributed to gain profit.


To ensure all the products made in high quality and halal certified as well as meet the customers’ desires and satisfaction.