About Us

De Asia Dreams Care Solution (DADCS), was established on 28th October 2014 under the Companies Commission of Malaysia. DADCS is a new company that has a dynamic organization with a global reach and an international perspective.

DADCS is a fully indigenous owned incorporated company paid for a sum of USD 150,000,00 with a permitted capital of USD 300,000,00. The company is lead and founded by experienced, knowledgeable businessmen whom are very competent and skillful in numerous fields to form an excellent and comprehensive corporate management to achieve the company’s goals and objectives.

For a long period of time, it has been a known fact to the public that the largest group of consumers in Malaysia is the Muslim community. Ironically, majority of businesses and economic fields in the country are not owned by the Muslim community. Hence, DADCS networks are formed to open up opportunities for its members to start their own businesses with a small scale capital with a hope that they will eventually manage to contribute to the country’s economy.

Apart from that, the members whom are actively involved in DADCS’s networking are able to improve their economic status. This coincides with a Hadith of the Prophet PBUH (peace be upon Him) , “ 9 out of 10 sources of income are from business”. DADCS highly encourages its members to involve in any types of business regardless they are small scale businesses, or whether they are joining in it part timely or full time.

After achieving success in their business regardless they are huge or little via the DADCS networks, the members can contribute to their families and societies by inviting them to take part in this program as well as donating to the relief fund provided by the company.

We all hope that our sincere intention and contribution will help to boost up the economic stability and standard of living of the Ummah.